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Roberto and I have a new routine: whenever we get the chance, as soon I come home from work, we take the car, bike or skateboard and go.
Usually to a lake, across a canal or to the woods.

It is so relaxing, it helps to take away a few of the big thoughts and worries that I always have in my mind.
Sometimes we bring something to eat, some other times we just sit, watch and listen.

Tonight our conversation jumped from here to there, from adventures, traveling and enthusiasm, to memories of childhood, when we both were so shy.
We listened to the birds: R. said they were singing love songs. I asked what song he would sing to me and he whistled Banana pancakes – the whole song – and I joined him.

I drew a bit, silly things: rucksacks that looked like faces, streets and flowers, he put on a song that I think has been written for him.
When the sun had set, we slowly headed home.

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