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Roberto taught me how to make sushi a few days back (you may have seen it on my Instagram).Seagulls looking at the sunset as it were the first time, a couple surfers trying to catch the last few waves of the day, and us, taking in every last second of sun, breathing the salty air and silently walking hand in hand.

Since I came back from a long day at work, he had already washed and cooked the rice and basically left the fun part for me.
Then we went to the lake to have dinner while watching the sunset. It was magical, I want to do this every day.

Vegetarian Sushi

Serves 2 people abundantly

150 g sushi rice
1 TBS rice vinegar
3 nori sheets
a carrot, some avocado and a cucumber
some soya sauce

You will also need: a pan, a tea towel, a wooden spatula, a bamboo sushi mat, some cling film (optional)

Sushi rice needs to be abundantly rinsed before being used. Rinsing the rice will take about 10-15 minutes.
It is very important you use sushi rice specifically because it contains starches that won’t make your sushi fall apart.
When the water that rinses the rice will come out clear, leave the rice to drain for another
20 minutes.

Cook the rice for 8 minutes, then leave it in the pan with a tea towel on it.
Season the rice with a tablespoon of rice vinegar, then put the rice to rest and cool down in a big oven tray or somewhere you can spread it out until it’s max 2 cm thick.

Now the fun part begins! Put the nori on a sushi mat ( we put a small cling sheet in between, cheating a little), put on the rice (our rice was a little too sticky, so Roberto was really smashingΒ it on there, which you shouldn’t actually do).
Leave some space on the edges, put a slice cucumber, one of carrots and/or one of avocado in the middle and roll!
If, after rolling, the nori doesn’t stick, you can use a little water to help with that.
Cut you sushi and serve with soma sauce.

You will see the technique better in the video. Hope you like it!

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