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My friend Sonja and I met at our previous job near Amsterdam two and a half years ago and we became great friends along the way.
She is one of the best storytellers I know, she told me so many things about Sweden before she moved back there, and it was high time I experienced it first hand.

On Thursday evening, after managing to cross the bridge between Denmark and Sweden despite the trains’ strike, I arrived in Helsingborg, where she lives.
It was so nice to catch up and meet many people that are dear to her! On Friday we celebrated Midsummer, one of my favorite traditions of the Swedes. We celebrated with friends: we played games, ate good food, had a few drinks and a really good time. I didn’t even get the time to take photos. Even though it would totally have been worth it.

Saturday the weather was not very nice; it was windy, cloudy, rainy. Nonetheless, in the morning we walked around the city. I got to see all the hotspots, different buildings, neighborhoods and streets, all with a story. After walking on the harbor and catching lots of wind and rain, we went home shortly. Sonja’s boyfriend was kind enough to help us with our plan to go exploring a little, and we went on a little road trip through towns, countryside and along the coast, until we arrived at the very top of a mountain on the edge of Sweden, near the town of Mölle. Despite the weather, this was such a nice adventure! This is also when I managed to take the few pictures I took there.
In the evening we went to the cinema to watch Maleficent and then, back home, we watched some random football and an episode of Braking Bad.

This morning we all woke up pretty early and at 8.30 I was on the train heading to Copenhagen where I catched the flight back to Holland.
Obviously these few days have gone so fast, but they have been amazing!