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The day before this shoot I went location scouting: I biked around the park, along the canals and through the city the whole evening, stopping every now and then to write down where I wanted her to stand, and at what time there was perfect lighting. This was a really good decision: now I had a good time schedule in mind, I knew exactly were we were going to go, and there was more time for just enjoying photographing and chitchatting. Nature was really helpful that evening. It offered us the most beautiful sunset, with the perfect temperature and just enough wind.

Tessa is a genuine life enthusiast, a queen in the kitchen (check out her cookbook), a good storyteller and an amazingly good seller.
My favorite quote of hers still is: “Ma’am, having a second spatula in your kitchen is not luxury” (that woman came in our shop to buy a little present and left with a whole bag full of kitchen essentials).

Here is the the result of our shoot together.
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