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Between many ups and a few downs we made to year number seven together!
Admittedly, Roberto and I have been apart for a year (until last fall), which I “accidentally” failed to note here, but we realized this life sucks without each other. Now I treasure every moment I spend with him, because I know how it is not to have him around. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” they say, and I can testify: it’s true.

We didn’t want to celebrate with a fancy dinner, so we decided to do what we like the most: exploring; Being around nature, breathing fresh, salty air and taking in the last rays of sun of the day. We drove to the sea where we walked to a high spot from where we could see the beach below. We sat down on my hoodie and we drank some wine; just a sip, because it was awful.

So began our seventh year together. I cannot wait for the season to end, so that we’ll spend more time together.
Have a good weekend you all!

You’re the best.