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I have never been more ready for a road trip. Not that I have everything sorted out and organised yet. Like, I have no idea if everything will fit in the car (I always bring loads of stuff back home: books that I won’t read a second time, Dutch food for parents and friends, etc.). But mentally I am all set. Hand over the keys!

We will be leaving on the first, kicking off the month the right way. Driving southwards through the Netherlands and Belgium, stopping at random service station to get coffee and probably sleeping in the car the first night, somewhere near Lyon.

On day two we will drive a little more on the highway, until getting off near the Alpine border with Italy. We will stop at a beautiful lake in the Maritime Alps, called Lac du Serre Ponçon which I discovered with my parents last year, and we’ll stay there one night.

Then we’ll drive through the mountains, cross the border, and stop for our first cappuccino, which is always the first thing we do when we go back to Italy.

After that we will have plenty more time, but have tons of plans piled up already, so we won’t be bored.
4 days to departure.

What season do you prefer going on holiday? Have you ever been on holiday off-season? Did you enjoy it?