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Unlike other years, this year Roberto and I decided to stop in France overnight before heading to our parents and start the hectic meet-all-of-your-parents routine.

We chose to stay and visit the Lac de Serre Ponçon; my parents and I had been here last year after a road trip through Northern Italy and Southern France. It is a beautiful blue lake, not far from Briançon, Gap, and the Italian border.

We arrived very early in the morning, after sleeping in the car between Grenoble and Gap. We drove along the lakeside and stopped in the small town Savines-le-Lac, where we had a café au lait and pain au chocolat, after washing our faces and brushing our teeth in a parking lot.

After breakfast we went to a beautiful part of the lakeside, from where you can see a tiny island with a charming church on it. Then we went back into town and bought a baguette, goat cheese and tomatoes for lunch and drove back to the lake and photographed all afternoon.

We stayed at a cosy AirBnB on top of the mountain in Crots, just a few hundred meters from te lake. The next morning we went to a bakery to buy some more pain au chocolat and then we drove up the mountains Italy bound. From the top we could see how big and incredibly blue the lake was and we had to take a few more photos.

We noticed there are many activities on and around the lake, like paragliding, water skiing, SUP, climbing. One reason more to come back.