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Christmas has come and gone and so has the busiest period of the year at the shop. I I haven’t had much time to photograph, hence the lack of posts.

However, I have collected a few moments during these past (almost) two months of silence.

(I) On my birthday my dad, Roberto and I drove to Antwerp in Belgium, where I had a very interesting meeting about my photography. After the meeting we explored the city, which was pretty awesome, then drove back and had dinner at the Indian restaurant.

(II-III) On Christmas we cooked and baked (ravioli and cupcakes), and we spent some precious time together. Since our families aren’t here in the Netherlands, we are creating our own traditions. We spent a lot of time outside, wandering through the dunes and watching deer and birds quietly living their lives.

(IV) After long days at work I often found myself on the couch or on bed writing (or reading) until late.

(V) While the year was coming to an end Roberto and I started to gather our recipes on a new Instagram account “the evening glow” to store them and share them. Working together is amazing, I love how we are creative in different ways.

(VI) After walking in the countryside for a few hours we came back into town and had a coffee looking over Leiden. Planning our upcoming trip, but not too much, as per usual.

(VII) My mum came to visit on the coldest day. The three of us went to visit my grandma, which despite her age, never ceases to inspire me. Her wanderlust, her love for languages, her musicality..

(VIII) Walks on the beach on a hazy and cold afternoon. Wonderful silence, interrupted by us laughing about the video that Roberto made of me where I jump and of which the stop motion is hilarious.