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Since I have started my small business next to my work in the shop, I don’t have any real days off anymore. When I am not working, I am sitting at the desk sending emails, and mainly trying to figure out stuff. Lately I felt like it is all a little too much, and I need a real day off. One day I was full of plans and busy working on my website when my friend Mirjam sent me a text. It was saying: “I know this place where we should do a photoshoot”. We started talking about it and an hour later we were taking the bus to go there.

That afternoon hit me right in the heart and for how simple it was, it meant a lot to me. I learned that photography is still what makes my heart beat fast. Going out there, explore and venture into new places, see people and places through the lens, watching another world unfold itself in front of me; it may be all to mystical to some, but this is what drives me every day.

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